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Waterjet common problems - water pressure is too low to eliminate the cause.

1. High-pressure water leakage
After the high pressure water comes out of the check valve, observe whether there is leakage of the high pressure pipe or joint. Once it leaks, the cutting effect will be greatly reduced. In case of leakage, replace high-pressure pipe fittings or joints in time.

2. Insufficient water supply
Check the water supply system is perfect, if the water supply is not enough to meet the requirements, then it will also cause a low cutting capacity. Insufficient water supply may also be caused by the water valve not fully opened or the filter is blocked, or the filter has not been replaced for too long and the filtration is slow.

3, supercharger piston oil seal damage oil leakage
The supercharger is the most important place to provide high pressure. It is sealed and compressed by the sealing ring. If the sealing ring is a little damaged, the pressure will be reduced. It can be judged from the outside to observe whether there is oil stain on the surface, or remove to observe whether the sealing ring is deformed or enlarged.

4. The water knife sand pipe and nozzle outlet are too large
No matter the sand pipe or the nozzle, it will be nibbled a little bit in the water jet cutting work. The final result is that the water outlet is too large, and the water column can not be cut intensively. In this case, either rotate the sand pipe and the nozzle Angle to see whether the water flow can be concentrated, or it can only be replaced directly.

5. The sand pipe and nozzle are not properly installed

The water jet is cut vertically. If the gem/water knife sand pipe is not properly installed, the water jet will direct directly at the inner wall, which will make the inner wall cratered. The most important thing is that the water obstructed will form a backflow, which will cancel out the previous water momentum, and eventually lead to the low cutting ability.

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