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Can water knife cut toughened glass?

1. Do you need to punch holes when using water knife cutting tools?
The water knife does not need to drill holes in advance when cutting. The water jet will directly cut the tool according to the figure.

2. What is the cost per hour of cutting with water knife?
Water knife cutting supplies are very cheap materials, so in the premise of not manual, the cost of using water knife cutting for 1 hour is about 50 yuan.

3, water knife cutting for water quality requirements?
Water knife cutting for water quality requirements are very low, as long as there is no impurities, but it is recommended to use civil tap water.

4. Can the water cut by the water knife be used again?
When the water knife cuts the workpiece, it will bring the cut workpiece pieces into the water together. If you need to add sand cutting, the sand after cutting will also be brought into the water. If you want to reuse it, you need to filter it, which increases the cost.

5. Can people get close to the water knife during operation?
During the operation of water knife, the power of water jet is very great, so the operator should keep a distance from it to avoid accidental injury.

6, water knife can cut toughened glass?
Tempered glass itself characteristics can not be cut, water knife can not do the same

7. Is the operation of water knife difficult?

Water knife operation is very simple, as long as the use of CAD design image, water knife can be cut.